Where do you get your ‘little people’? Do they come ready made?

The miniatures start out as train set figures. Most are made by German company Preiser and can be bought from model shops and on the net. They generally come unpainted. I often remodel the characters, cutting them up and reposing them, adding new features such as hoods with modeling clay, or changing arm and leg positions. I then paint the characters with acrylic paint and, if needed, find props for them. Some undergo a lot of modification, such as the super hero characters from my ‘Whatever Happened to the Men of Tomorrow?’ series.


Where do you get your props?

Many different source such as model shops, online model railway sites and often ebay. I also use a lot of found materials, such as litter and insects.


Are you a professional photographer?

I didn't train professionally as a photographer, I am mainly self-taught, although i did take a few photography classes when I was at college and university.


What camera do you use?

I use a Canon 5D mk2. When I first started I just used a simple point-and-click digital camera and then later a Canon 400D.


Have you done/would you do installations in other cities or countries?

I have left miniatures on the streets of many different cities around the world - Berlin, Beijing, Hong Kong, Paris, Moscow, Lisbon, Doha, Cape Town and more. My most recent book Global Model Village collects many of these images. Hopefully I will get to travel to more cities in the future.


Where do you get your ideas from?

The classic question! Like most people, ideas come from my head through a process called 'thinking'. I also spend a lot of time sitting in coffee shops people-watching, reading the news and doodling in a sketchbook. Unfortunately there isn’t much more to it than that.


Where can I purchase your prints?

Andipa Gallery are my main print publishers in the UK. You can find them here. Also you can check out this page to see other galleries that stock my older work. If you contact them they will be able to help you further.


Where can I purchase your books?

I have three books available that collect my work. The first, published in 2008 by Boxtree/Macmillan is called Little People in the City. It is also available in Germany from Cadeau under the title Kleine Leute in der Grossen Stadt. There is also a larger, duel language Dutch version of the original book from Lebowski called Big Bad City which contains updated additional material. This was published in 2010. My new book is published in September 2012 and is called Global Model Village. This collects together installations left in different cities around the world and is published in the UK (Macmillan), USA (Blue Rider Press) and Germany (Cadeau) under the title Kleine Leute in der Weiten Welt. There will also be Japanese versions of both my original and new books published by Sogensha (図書出版 創元社) in early 2013. All should be available via Amazon and also at book shops. The UK versions are distributed widely abroad and should be easy to order from Amazon in your respective country or ordered from your local bookshop. More info here.


Can I commission you for my ad campaign / album cover / decorative tea set?

I usually avoid allowing my work to be used for commercial means, but would be open to commissions if the brief / end product / event is good (it would have to be a damn good tea set).


Can I commission you to do a picture for me?

Again, possibly. It would depend what you want.


Can I collaborate with you on some work?

Possibly - and I always love seeing new work so just drop me a line.


I am a student and I am studying you for an essay/dissertation. Can I ask you some questions?

I get very many emails from students and unfortunately I just don’t have time to answer them all. The best way to get a response would be to ask some interesting questions that are not answered by this FAQ (that means something other than ‘Where do you get your ideas from?’ !) and don’t try to get me to write the whole of your essay (I can't answer 50 questions!).


Do you have a mailing list?

If you email me at slinkachu@yahoo.co.uk (or use the 'contact' page on this site) I will add you to my mailing list and keep you updated with future shows, releases and happenings. You can also email Andipa Gallery  at art@andipa.com and ask to be added to their mailing list.